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Company: Hot Tech Today
Location: Scottsdale, AZ, United States
Job Posted: 30+ days ago

You guessed it, we're a digital tech magazine. But much sexier than the rest!
Hot Tech Today is looking for writers for our digital magazine startup. If your ideas are amazing PITCH US! (Writers can be located anywhere in the US)

What we do:

Hot Tech Today is not your ordinary tech magazine and here's why:

We're HOT, what makes us hot is our Hot Tech Hotties. Every magazine will feature a beautiful Hot Tech Hottie cover model with a centerfold spread. NO NUDITY here at Hot Tech Today but imagine Maxim meets the tech world. If this bothers you, don't bother us.

We're innovative! With out letting all of our secrets out of the bag before launch, let's just say we will be one of the most interactive digital magazines on the market. We pride ourselves on becoming a leader in the digital magazine circuit through innovation, cutting edge technology and futuristic ideas. Creatives, thinkers, and out of the box writers welcomed.

We're serious...serious about every article we choose to be a part of each and every magazine. Good content is a MUST! Well written, thought out, original, passionate articles are what readers want to read and Hot Tech Today will not accept anything but the best.

What type of articles we expect from our writers:

Editorials are 1500-2000 word articles featured in the magazine to captivate our readers. Lets be honest, there's thousands of tech stories out there and we DO NOT want to regurgitate the same stories blasted every day over the net. Our magical writers find that happy medium between current and compelling. We like unique, we like fresh, we even like mainstream as long as you can give us a creative spin. If you can Google it and find the same story, it's not for us. New perspectives and open minds are a must.

Passionate and personal! We want a little piece of your personality in every article. Articles should be as unique as you are.

Professional!! We do have an editor but please...please read your article before you send it in! Make sure it's going to make sense to everyone reading, not just you. CHECK FACTS! Make sure what your writing about is factual with links in the body of the article or in additional materials. DO NOT just write from memory. Put the time in to every detail and quote. We spend time editing the articles to get them just right AND retain the voice of the writer. It's a collaborative effort.

Be captivating right off the cuff. We preview articles on our website, allow snippet sharing on social media, so every article must draw the reader in right from the beginning. Compel the reader to become a subscriber. Why? Because your article is worth reading!

What types of articles we are NOT looking for:

Reviews, we do not want reviews of devices, games, software, hardware, products or really anything at all.

How To editorials. Those types of articles are found all over the net and lack the uniqueness we look for.

Just the facts...we are not Wikipedia and do not desire to be. We want more than just an article based on facts alone. We want to gain interest of an audience, not help write a research paper.

Basic Genres of Hot Tech Today

Tech is a given, everything encompassing the tech industry
Gaming and every aspect of all types of gaming
Social media
Devices and gadgets

Pay Rate and Terms:

We pay $150 as a guaranteed base rate for editorials, paid 60 days after the end of the month in which the article appears. For example a March article will be paid by May 1st.
Our contract for all content gives us perpetual non-exclusive rights, but we only pay for and contract for the exclusive right to publish an article from submission until 60 days following its publication. After that, authors may resell or republish work.

Help us, help you, to help us, to help you!
Hot Tech Today is a startup magazine built by passionate co-founders and you! Our promise is to work hard every second to push Hot Tech Today Magazine from ground zero right to the top of the list! Expect passion, hard work and most of all FUN! We love what we do, and we want you too also!
Start with us-
Grow with us-
Have fun with us!

Pitch us your story ideas! This is happening NOW so don't wait. We need you ASAP!


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