Graphic Web Designer
Location: Philadlephia, PA, United States
University: Kaplan



Objective: A position as a web developer utilizing my computer knowledge, organizational abilities, strong people skills, and business expertise.


Professional innovative Graphic Designer with extensive experience with visual brand identity development. Skilled at dealing with upper management, adept at making substantial contributions to the bottom-line, effective organizer / team builder, strong computer, logical/critical thinking skills,28 years\' of experience in social / economic development.


big picture thinker with the ability to wear many hats, honesty, integrity, leadership and being an interpersonal team player, talented web designer with solid background in. Work well alone and as part of a team, effective communicator with strong technical documentation skills .Web Development professional with extensive experience utilizing wide range of software development tools.

Operating Systems:
Windows XP, Windows 07, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008
Applications: Microsoft Office Suite, Visual Basic, HTML, PHP, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe CS4 Dreamweaver CS4, Adobe Flash CS4
MS Access, MySQL, P-Drive,

Philadelphia Operation Town Watch, Philadelphia, PA
2004 to 12/30/2012 Computer Technician
Responsibilities included:
• Graphic animated designs of marketable deliverables i.e. cd, dvd power-point presentations including subject materials pertaining to cyber-bulling, court testimony, crime reduction training materials for community support specialist .
• Development design collected, collated & coordinated incident reports generated by the Philadelphia School District‘s office of Climate & Safety related to criminal activities perpetrated against school age children. Coordinated the City of Philadelphia mobile supports teams (MST) response.
• Developed techniques in accordance with CEO vision and the School District code of conduct. Conducted follow-up meetings with (MST) verified & ensure appropriate team responses.
• Compiled reports graph & char t using 2003-2007-Microsoft Access Excel, Word & MapPoint. Maintained Alpha roster of student participation. Plotted and mapped crime stats & Town Watch activities

Special projects coordinator
• Core Events: National Night out Kickoff Rally (An annual national celebration & recognition ceremony, acknowledging citizen crime prevention efforts.
Noteworthy: City of Philadelphia rank 4th in the nation for its citywide participation.
• City of Philadelphia annual Anti-Crime Conference participation 2000 attendee
Responsibilities included: Coordinating exhibition hall activities.
• Event Planning & programming, logistic analysts & assessments, layouts, diagrams & designs, scheduling, stage management, developing & maintained vendor listing,
1998 to 2004 Trainer/Recruiter
• Organize, recruit and train citizens to observe report and document criminal activity.
• Provided a liaison between City Government, Police and community residents. Supported City crime reduction efforts and participate in various events promotion safe streets.
• Taught community anti-terrorism techniques and elderly target reduction concerning frauds and scams.
House of UMOJA, Inc., Philadelphia PA
2004 to Present Web-Master
• Web site designer design and maintain company website using (Dreamweaver, Flash Professional 8 & Fireworks)
• Chief payroll officer/ bookkeeper, employee time management, billing/ invoice preparation & submission
• Computer Administrator/Technician Maintain, repair, upgrade computer systems & sever as required
• Purchasing agent/advisor research products for acquisition in accordance with grant expenditure guidelines.
• Supported general office staff as required

Summary of Qualifications
Working as a web developer in two companies, served the company in many ways using my computer skills. Designed new websites of the organizations and also upgraded the old websites to provide latest company profiles to the clients. Handled many web developing activities and gained more and more knowledge on web development. Introduced new ways of working which enhanced efficiency of the organization. Communicated with the clients to understand their requirements, sold the services online and performed all other duties as per requirements
Kaplan University
School of Information Systems and Technology
• 2012 - Associate Applied Science Information Technology Network Administration
• 2010 - Professional Degree Computer Internet Website Development
• President\'s List of honors GPA 3.96
• Dean\'s List of honors GPA 3.94
Special Strengths:
 I\'m Optimistic and freedom-loving Jovial and good-humored Honest and straightforward Intellectual and philosophical. Energetic, alert, cheerful, ability to synchronize energies with objectives, dependable, diligent, punctual, professional appearance and demeanor, able to deal with all people on all levels.

• IT117: Introduction to Website Development
• IT163: Database Concepts Using Microsoft Access
• IT193: Foundations of Programming Using Visual Basic
• IT245: Website Development
• IT247: Fundamentals of Web Graphics
• IT373: Introduction to Multimedia Using Adobe Flash
• IT261: Desktop Administration
• IT283: Networking with TCP/IP
• IT278: Network Administration
• IT190: Foundations in Information Technology
• IT273: Networking Concepts
• IT255: E-Commerce Development
• IT299: Associates Capstone in Information Technology
• IT133: Software Applications
• CS114 Academic Strategies for the IT Professional
• CM107: College Composition I
• CM220: College Composition II
• MM150: Survey of Mathematics


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