k-12 tutoring and nannying
Location: Corona Del Mar/Newpo, United States
University: George Washington University
Major: psychology

Hello. My name is Jacquelyn Stoter.

I have had numerous tutoring and nanny jobs in the past. I would love to spend time with your children. I am available all the time and would have no problem with time availability.

I am young (21) so I get along really well with children because I am closer in age then a lot of people that would be applying for the job.

Both my mother and my father are teachers. I feel it is in my genetics to help people learn.

I love working with kids and have three years of college experience at George Washington University.

Please let me know if you find me if you need any help with your kids as soon as possible, because I will be finding work soon.

My cell phone number is
. You may call me at any time.
Thank you.


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