cad technician
Location: Thornton, CO, United States
University: ITT Tech.
Major: CAD Drafting


Senior Cad Technician with many years of progressive experience performing Civil Drafting and coupled with exposure to Piping, Structural, Mechanical, Architectural and Electrical engineering drafting disciplines and with an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science in AutoCAD and Certification in a 2000 classroom hour program in Cartography/Civil Engineering.

• Create technical drawings, maps and illustrations utilizing AutoCAD (R11, R12, R13, and R14, 2000i, 2000MAP, 2004, 2006, 2008 & 2009)
• Expertise includes: drafting of profiles, cross sections, survey traverses and land subdivision.
• Computer experience includes: AutoCAD (w/LDD); Minex; PMCogo; Microsoft Products (Word, Outlook, and Operating System –NT); UNIX operating system; DOS; and ESRI GIS software.

ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Littleton, Colorado March 2003-April 2008
CAD Mapping Technician
Responsible for redrafting of Subdivision Plats into County Quarter-Section Assessor Maps utilizing LDD in AutoCAD 2004, 2006, & 2008 and also worked in customer service. Have also attended in-house classes in the ESRI GIS software in 2007.

WILBANKS ENGINEERING, Denver, Colorado March 2002-Sept. 2002
Worked as a Contract AutoCAD Draftsman (2000i & 2000Map) on various Natural Gas pipeline projects.

DUKE ENERGY FIELD SERVICES, Denver, Colorado June 1996-Dec. 2001
CAD Drafter
Was responsible for drafting Gas Gathering System Maps from R.O.W. survey notes and performed other drafting needs for the Headquarters and Northern Division Operations using AutoCAD R13, R14 and R2000i. I have attended classes in ESRI Products in November 1996 and in February 2001.
I have knowledge of and utilization of paper space/model space; xreferencing cad files; and editing attributes and have had some exposure to ESRI GIS software in 1996 and 2001.

BALL CONTAINER, Broomfield, Colorado Feb. 1995-Dec. 1995
Contract Assignment: Researching “As Built” drawings, drafting Site Plans (Facilities Drawings) of can manufacturing plants, inserting plant equipment drawings into the site drawings, editing vendor maps and inserting can manufacturing site drawings into edited vendor (location) maps for submittal to the EPA and redrafting of Mechanical/Tooling Drawings with AutoCAD R12.

Contract Assignments
I worked on various other contract cad assignments from May 1993 until December 1995 while attending full-time evening classes at ITT Technical Institute- Sept. 1993-Feb. 1995.

A Chevron Corporation Subsidiary, Englewood, Colorado
Senior Drafting Technician
I was responsible for the full range of drafting of maps, illustrations and technical presentations for the headquarters of P&M Coal Mining Company. Specific responsibilities included:
• Compiled and interpreted engineers\' data and created maps and technical illustrations for environmental mining permit applications. Extensive knowledge of surveying was also required.
• Utilized various software programs (AutoCAD R11) for computer drafting/mapping and for corporate annual and budget meeting slide presentations.


Rocky Mountain Division Office Apr 1980-Dec 1985
Engineering Technician
I performed a full-range of drafting responsibilities for the largest coal mining company in the U.S.
• Compiled and interpreted engineers\' data and create drawings/maps and technical illustrations for environmental mining permit applications.
• Digitized maps into a computer database and input surveying information into computer database from survey notes.
• Performed monthly Royalty Reports and Reclamation Reports which entailed calculating coal tonnages, overburden cubic yards removal, cubic yards blasted; computing acres of topsoil removal and keeping track of acres of reclamation progression. Drafted and maintained a continuous mining progress map and reclamation map on a monthly basis.
• Initiated a successful in-house effort to design a new two mile mine site roadway.

CENTENNIAL ENGINEERING, INC., Arvada, Colorado Oct 1979-Apr 1980
Civil Draftsman
I was responsible for the full range of civil drafting including new streets and highways as well as improvements to highways.
• Created highway and street drawings by inking on Mylar.
• Prioritized projects and assignments.

SENTINEL NEWSPAPERS, Denver, Colorado Jun 1974-Nov 1978
Production Artist
I was responsible for the full range of paste-up on ads and page makeup for sixteen weekly newspapers and operated a horizontal camera.


Graduate of ITT Tech, CAD (AutoCAD) (R-12) Drafting Course Sept 1993-Mar 1995
1600-Hour CAD Drafting Course Consisting of:
-1st Quarter-Basic CAD Drafting -4th Quarter-Engineering CAD Drafting (Piping, Structural)
-2nd Quarter-Mechanical CAD Drafting -5th Quarter-Electrical/Electronic CAD Drafting
-3rd Quarter-Architectural CAD Drafting -6th Quarter-Project/Development

Graduate of Engineering Drafting School, Lakewood, Colorado Sept 1979
(Now known as Denver Technical College) (Completed this 12 month Program in 10 months)
2000-Classroom Hour Cartographic Drafting Course consisting of:
-500 hours basic Drafting -250 hours surveying
-250 hours Earth Measurements -250 hours Geology/Geomorphology
-250 hours Civil Drafting -500 Advanced Cartographic Drafting (including 250 hrs-photogrammetry)

Graduate of Mankato Vo-Tech, Mankato, Minnesota
1200-Hour Graphic Arts Course-Operated AB Dick & Multilith 1250 press and Horizontal Camera
1200-Hour Commercial Art Course


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