FedEX Material Handler
Location: Denver , United States
Job Posted: 30+ days ago

 FedEx Material Handler Job Overview
Pay: $12.71 per/hr

Shift: Tuesday through Saturday 4:30am to 8:30am

However all shift at FedEx Express are based on operational needs


High school diploma/G.E.D. Ability to lift 75 lbs. Ability to
maneuver packages of any weight above 75 lbs. with appropriate
equipment and/or assistance from another person. Clerical experience
including typing and/or general office administration duties
preferred. Good human relations and communication skills. Ability to
successfully complete all basic and recurrency training. Experience
dealing with the movement of heavyweight freight using forklifts,
tugs and other loading/unloading equipment preferred. Effectively
communicate verbally in a time sensitive manner in noisy operations
environment. Since operating motorized conveyances is required of
this job, must possess valid driver's license


Operates mechanized ramp equipment, a majority of total time worked.

Meets aircraft and transports packages and freight to sort and
heavyweight areas. assists in ensuring aircraft, vehicles and
containers are loaded/unloaded in a safe and efficient manner
including dangerous goods, in accordance with proper packaging and
freight handling techniques.

Ensures the safe, efficient buildup/breakdown of pallets. ensures
broken down freight is properly stored, staged and protected from the
elements at all times.

Properly handles packages covered by regulatory requirements, such as
handling of live animals and perishable goods.

Separates packages by service typed and destination, in accordance
with established procedures. audits size and weight of packages to
ensure conformance with service requested. Scans packages according
to prescribed procedures.

Ensures all packages which cannot be sorted are staged as required in
the operating plan, as needed.

Assists in completing all related paperwork and manifests in an
accurate and timely manner. Datacomms information to the appropriate
parties, as needed.

Performs clerical functions which may require a knowledge of general
business and office procedures including maintaining follow-up files,
answering phones, assembling materials for reports and composing

Audits belly cards, container close-outs and bills of lading.

Maintains radio communication with appropriate personnel, as

Note: 'Some FedEx Express positions may involve handling U.S. mail.
Those positions involving handling and access to U.S. Mail require
clearance by USPS. USPS will not grant clearance to anyone who has
not resided in the U.S. continuously for the past five years
[excluding service in the U.S. military].'


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